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Testimonials in there own words
  • Ian Box - Normanton
  • I injuried my hip region whilst swimming in Normanton pool, I happened to be talking to Trevor in the showers and decided to see him due to the advice he had given, after the initial treatment I felt much better, after 3 treatments I felt great and pain free again, now I am back swimming and leading an active life, and would not hesitate to return to see him again should the need arise.
  • Paul Webster - Normanton
  • I am the caretaker at Normanton Community centre where Trevor delivers his boxercise class, I was suffering with a bad neck where I could hardly turn it and driving was a struggle to look over my shoulder, after 3 session with Trevor it has releived the constant pain I suffered and increased my mobility where i can now drive and perform all required actions.
  • Lisa Green - Normanton
  • Having suffered with a bad back from the age of 15, where the doctors just kept dismissing me, and having spells where I could not walk, after absolute-fitness had treated my dad I decided to try them, it took 4 sessions and I could not be feeling any better, its unbeleavable what he has done for me, for the first time in 15 years I am pain free and living life to the max
  • Colin Fitton - Kettlethorpe
  • I found absolute-fitness on the internet because I had injured my calf whilst out running, to the point where I could hardly walk properly, I went and saw Trevor and the next day I was walking normal, after the second treatment a week later I was back performing light jogging and a week after that I was back running.
  • Margaret Hammond - Wakefield
  • I was involved in a car accident 30 years ago and suffered severe wiplash, I spend 20 years attending private physio once a month, after my daughter was treated by Absolute-fitness, I decided to give them a try, and the increase in mobility in my neck after the first session was far greater than anything I had from the physio. I now come in for regular maintenance to ensure i keep the mobility.
  • Audrey Tomlinson - Barnsley
  • I have suffered from a bad back for many years and have had 5 treatments from absolute-fitness, where I have felt my back feeling better each time, I now only have maintenance massages once every 4 weeks which keeps me pain free and active.

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