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Male Personal Training

(Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Strength & Conditioning Coaching)


 My aim as your personal trainer will be to provide you with enjoyable, challenging and effective training programs and to accelerate the rate you achieve your goals. I'll provide you with a professional service and  the expertise to get the most from your body regardless of your age and ability. I guarantee you will always leave our sessions feeling challenged, invigorated and one step closer to you're goal. Dont pay for gym membership and a trainer, all our sessions take place in our own private gym, solely for our sessions.

Fat lose and toning

To achieve long lasting weight loss you need to boost your metabolism while burning calories to reduce fat stores- its all about how you eat and the type of exercise you do. The exercise program will raise your heart rate to burn calories and work your muscle to boost your metabolism. We will do this through invigorating and challenging workouts which are continuous using all the large muscle groups of the body in an enjoyable way.  

Increase muscle mass

Training to build muscle is all about the right training methods, correct nutrition, and the balancing act of pushing your muscles harder than ever before while getting the rest they need for growth. Get a tried and tested progressive resistance training program for serious muscle growth. Muscle building takes time and is not a quick fix, through constinly overloading your muscular system in a safe and effective way, whilst changing the types of training methods over time we will build muscle and avoid that platuea where most trainers fail. 

Strength & Conditioning

Training to enhance your performance at a specific sport needs specific training applied. We will analyse the sport and ensure the training regime mimic's specific movement patterns, we will highlight your weaknesses and work to enhance those, we will build a better you to compliment your sports training..

All our programmes take into account current fitness levels, time constraints, lifestyle, exercise preferences, special conditions and injuries. All sessions are different and personalised, whatever your goals.