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Personal Training

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Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your fitness and gain valuable knowledge of health and fitness or a regular gym junkie looking to re-ignite your athletic fire! Absolute fitness can help whatever your experience or desire.

After your lifestyle assessment, and depending on what your target and goals are, we aim to provide you with a customised service where every fitness training program is written specifically for you. We will encouraging you every step of the way, helping to achieve results together. We get as much satisfaction as you do in seeing our bespoke systems working for you.

Absolute Fitness training services are based in the Wakefield and surrounding areas of Yorkshire. Whether you are looking for a personal trainer to help you with weight loss, injury recovery or general fitness, our Workouts offer men and women of any age the opportunity to exercise in the comfort of their own homes or mine.

Health & Well-being

Regardless of your age and ability you can always improve your health and well-being through a well developed  exercise program.  Take the first step to a healthier body. We perform periodic health checks to monitor your health status throughout your training, to monitor your progress which includes: fitness tests, blood pressure, body fat, BMI to calculate your risk to coronary heart disease, waist, arm and hip circumference measurements to track progress (we dont get hung up on weight), flexibility and range of motion tests, all of which will improve and better you.

Female Personal Training (Fat Loss)

Let’s get the facts straight.  It is harder for women to lose fat and get in shape than for their male counterparts, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is quite simply naive as to the facts of women and weight loss, or trying to sell you some neat looking fat loss gimmick that will lighten your wallet and not the scales.

Women lack the muscle mass and key hormonal output of men, two crucial factors that are essential to dropping body fat, and keeping it off for good.  We know what works, the “secrets” to maximising female fat loss, and the right ways to help you help yourself (dedication, discipline, and correctly channelled impatience!).  Promises are easy to make it is true, but for those of you who are prepared to work hard and follow our advice to the letter then life changing fat loss results can potentially be yours.  Grand words we know, but a beautiful shaped body is inside every female, just waiting to be released.

Most people refrain from perfroming physical exercise as they have inhibitions with gym facilities, they are unsure how to use the machines, they dont like training on their own, or these facilities are usually full of body beautiful girls, or men throwing large weights about with grunts and growns which can be very unnerving for others, thats why with Absolute Fitness we won't place you in that type of environment (not until you are ready for it or choose too).

Through either working out in the safety and comfort of your own home, or preferrably by attending mine, performing potentially life changing activities and that could and hopefully lead to a new lifestyle, which you will be able to embrace and incorporate into your own family life, we will together, work towards a better body, using traditional methods, as well as new revolutionary styles of training. We may on occasions attend local training facilities using state of the art gym equipment at a point where you are comfortable and feel confident within that environment. We will do exercise in the great outdoors in a fun way that does not seem like exercise, but hopefully enjoyment.

You do not have to do this alone, you can train with a friend if you wish but we will always be their for you, helping you all the way to success and a feeling of confidence and well being. All our programmes take into account current fitness levels, time constraints, lifestyles, exercise preferences, special conditions and injuries. All sessions are different, whatever your goals.


Male Personal Training (Fat Loss and muscle gain)


 My aim as your personal trainer will be to provide you with enjoyable, challenging and effective training programs and to accelerate the rate you achieve your goals. I'll provide you with a professional service and  the expertise to get the most from your body regardless of your age and ability. I guarantee you will always leave our sessions feeling challenged, invigorated and one step closer to you're goal.

Fat lose and toning

To achieve long lasting weight loss you need to boost your metabolism while burning calories to reduce fat stores- its all about how you eat and the type of exercise you do. The exercise program will raise your heart rate to burn calories and work your muscle to boost your metabolism. We will do this through invigorating and challenging workouts which are continuous using all the large muscle groups of the body in an enjoyable way.  

Increase muscle mass

Training to build muscle is all about the right training methods, correct nutrition, and the balancing act of pushing your muscles harder than ever before while getting the rest they need for growth. Get a tried and tested progressive resistance training program for serious muscle growth. Muscle building takes time and is not a quick fix, through constinly overloading your muscular system in a safe and effective way, whilst changing the types of training methods over time we will build muscle and avoid that platuea where most trainers fail.


All our programmes take into account current fitness levels, time constraints, lifestyle, exercise preferences, special conditions and injuries. All sessions are different, whatever your goals.