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Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your fitness and gain valuable knowledge of health and fitness or a regular gym junkie looking to re-ignite your athletic fire! Absolute fitness can help whatever your experience or desire.

After your lifestyle assessment, and depending on what your target and goals are, we aim to provide you with a customised service where every fitness training program is written specifically for you. We will encouraging you every step of the way, helping to achieve results together. We get as much satisfaction as you do in seeing our bespoke systems working for you.

Absolute Fitness training services are based in Normanton. Whether you are looking for a personal trainer to help you with weight loss, injury recovery or general fitness, our workouts offer men and women of any age the opportunity to exercise in the comfort of our own gym, so no gym costs, just purely your PT session

Health & Well-being

Regardless of your age and ability you can always improve your health and well-being through a well developed  exercise program.  Take the first step to a healthier body. We perform periodic health checks to monitor your health status throughout your training, to monitor your progress which includes: fitness tests, blood pressure, body fat, BMI to calculate your risk to coronary heart disease, waist, arm and hip circumference measurements to track progress (we dont get hung up on weight), flexibility and range of motion tests, all of which will improve and better you.