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My road trips are designed to give maximum riding experience with minimal stops (photo/comfort/toilet/snack/drink/petrol stops facilitated).

Its all about the riding experience and the fantastic scenery, I try to cover maximum distance all within a week.

My road trips start and finish within one days ride from England, thus allow you the ability to plan from one weekend to the next and have an enjoyable motorbike ride on some of the best tarmac the European continent has to offer.

Dolomite Road
Highway to Heaven
German Castle

2022 Road Trip

2023 Road Trip

2024 Road Trip

2025 Road Trip

Lake Garda
Verdon Gauge
Grossglockner Pass
Gimmel Pass


July 2026

Highway to Heaven Tour

Mountains, Lakes & Passes
Below is a sample of what to expect

Grimsel Pass
German Alpine Road
Dolomite Road
Glossglockner Pass
San Bernardino Pass
Grimsel Pass
Lake Garda
Lake Como
Sustens Pass