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You will arrive at your Hotel in Munich (Germany) on the evening after we have departed our ferry, where you can aquire an evening meal if required.
The day will start with a visit to a petrol station if required, and then a local supermarket where supplies for the days ride can be aquired.
We will ride the route, following local speed restrictions and allowing for comfort stops, photographic opportunities, toilets and petrol should the need arise.
Lunch stop will be as short as possible, generally taken at a scenic spot or appropriate stopping place.
We will arrive at our evening accomodation approximately between 6pm and 7pm where you will then be able to enjoy a nice shower, and an evening meal, then relax in the bar with a well earned drink and discuss the days highlights.

Summit To Sea Trip Itinery 6 Day Trip / 7 Nights Hotel Stay

Route Map
Friday 30th June 2023 - Evening Ferry Crossing from Hull to Rotterdam

Saturday 1st July 2023 - Arrive at your hotel

Check in, enjoy a nice shower, an evening meal, then meet in the bar for a tour debrief.

Trip Day 1 - Sunday - Munich to Lienz


Riding approximately 6hrs 45minutes covering 253 miles through stunning scenery in the Austrian Alps.

Remember the glorious alpine landscapes in the Sound of Music? It might be a short circular route, but this 13 mile scenic section of this road trip takes you right across the movie set!

Enjoy the alpine pastures, high mountains and magnificent views. We will climb up to 1570 meters across a limestone mountain ridge with spruce forests and colourful Alpine flowers.

You will find plenty lookout points to take in the magnificent views of the astonishing Alpine landscapes. (Toll approx. £5)

Grossclockner Pass

Then we head south, towards the Grossglockner Pass, where you can be immersed in fabulous moutain views for the remainder of the days ride. The 33 mile Glossglockner road runs through the Austrian Alps and is among the most scenic drives of Europe.

The road encompasses sensational panoramic views of numerous mountain summits, among which the absolute highlight is the 3789 meter high Grossglockner.

The mountain pass includes 26 turns and leads through the heart of High Tauern: Austria's largest National Park.

Along the great alpine road there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the photogenic views at different points, since this is the highlight of the day, we will stop on numerous occasions for very short photographic purposes.

Driving the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse is not complete without a visit to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe visitor's centre which is located on the highest point of the road at 2571 meters.


We can park our bikes here and immerse ourselves in the striking beauty of the spectacular mountains, rare plants and animals and the enigmatic Pasterzen glacier.

Should you have missed the 'big five' of the National Park on your way up, you can try your luck in spotting the chamoix, ibexes, eagles, grifon vultures and bearded vultures from the observation tower. (Toll approx. £25)

We then head away from the visitors centre, heading south down the pass with its many twists and turns, finishing at our evening accommodation in a small town with stunning views near Lienz.

Road closures can be frequent due to the conditions of the weather so an alternative route may need to be completed for safety reasons.

Trip Day 2 - Monday - Lienz to South of Venice

Plocken Pass

Riding approximately 7hrs 32minutes covering 263 miles in fantastic Carnic Alpes national park.

We leave our hotel and starting our ride to the Plöcken Pass (German: Plöckenpass, Italian: Passo di Monte Croce Carnico) which is a high mountain pass in the Carnic Alps range at the border between the Austrian state of Carinthia and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy.

Plöcken pass (Passo di Monte Croce Carnico) has an elevation of 1.357m (4,452ft) above sea level.

The road over the pass links the market town of Kötschach-Mauthen in the Carinthian Gail Valley with the Paluzza municipality in the Carnia region of Friuli.

To reach the pass starting from Mauthen, the ascent is 12.3km long. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 658 meters.


After 2 hours 15 minutes of riding the Plocken Pass, we will have a stop at a coffee shop to admire the stunning views in a small mountain village.

From here we will spend another 2 hours & 15 minutes cruising many hairpin bends within the Alps, passing through picturesque villages and scenery which needs to be seen to be believed, until we arrive at Tolmezzo.

Tolmezzo flumes makes for a great photo opportunity.

Tolmezzo Flumes

From Tolmesso, we work our way south through some stunning villages located within the Italian side of the Alps, again plenty of hairpin bends to navigate which will allow for many photo opportunities.

We then head onto one of the main motorways (toll on this part of the route) heading towards Venice for a short time and take the opportunity to have a small comfort stop if needed as we re-fuel.

We will then continue our remaining 27 miles and arrive at our evening accommodation.

In total there are approximately 6hrs of riding in the Alpes on this day, with twists and turns everywhere you look which will enhance your riding skills and makes for a most memorable day.

Road closures can be frequent due to the conditions of the weather so an alternative route may need to be completed for safety reasons.

Trip Day 3 - Tuesday – Cavarzere to Val d’Arno

Forest di Castinelles

Riding a pproximately 7hrs covering 240 miles within beautiful scenic hills, forest and vineyards of Tuscany.

We ride south heading to Villi di Commachio (Lake) before turning south west towards and through Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi.

This is a national park in Italy. Created in 1993, it covers an area of about 368 square kilometres, on the two sides of the Apennine watershed between Romagna and Tuscany which is lined with fir and beech trees and gives a whole new experience to the two previous days.

It is divided between the provinces of Forlì Cesena, Arezzo and Florence.

Here the roads will wind around the hills and magnificent scenery and even has some great hairpins just to keep you on your toes.


After leaving the park we head for a small and charming town 35km from Arezzo, in eastern Tuscany.

Poppi is dominated by a remarkably well preserved 13th century castle. The town still has its original Medieval porticos, two interesting churches, and a stunning view of the Casentino Valley.

From Poppi we travel south for a short period, turn west and then finally heading north through fantastic rolling hills, meandering roads and numerous small quaint Italian villages before arriving at our evening accommodation.

Trip Day 4 - Wednesday – Val d’Arno to Modena


Riding approximately 6hrs 30minutes covering 214 miles of beautiful rolling roads through Tuscan vineyards.

With its picturesque villages, small mountains, rolling hills and endless vineyards, Tuscany is among the most magical regions of Italy.

This scenic route offers the best Tuscan experience, taking in the awe-inspiring panoramas of the enchanting Tuscan countryside.

The route kicks off in San Gimignano, and takes you into the heart of the region.

Riding through the many small scenic towns along the way, San Gimignano, with its enchanting wall around the city is a sight to behold.


The road continues heading north within Tuscany, heading to the gateway of the majestic Apuan Alps.

In Coreglia Antelminelli you will be delighted with another ancient wall around the scenic town.

We then head for the fortified village of Castiglione di Garfagnana, another typical Tuscan mountain village.

Castiglione di Garfagnana will be our final stop before heading towards the Alps again and Modena where your evening accommodation awaits.

Trip Day 5 - Thursday - Modena  to Bolzano

Lake Garda

Riding approximately 6hrs 50minutes covering 211 miles, taking in the beauty of Lake Garda and the Apuan Alps.

We leave Modena and head along the scenic route for 1hr 50minutes with the ever dominant Dolomite mountains in your eye line.

We then arrive at the captivating northwest side of Garda Lake. Unique for its clean water, diverse landscapes and enchanted villages.

We join Lake Garda in Peschiera del Garda at the southern end, where you will enjoy the dramatic jagged Dolomites Mountains while heading north on the western side of the lake.


Lake Garda

As we pass Sirmione, a wonderful lakeside village perched on a narrow strip of land reaching into the lake, you may be able to get some good photographic images of the 13th Century castle and its wonderful southern bank of the lake with the magnificent backdrop scenery.

On the west bank the lake encompasses tons of scenic beaches, vineyards but also spectacular mountains that rise up vertically along the winding lake side road to Riva del Garda at its northern end.


After leaving Garda Lake, you will head into the Dolomite mountains, again with hairpin hill climbing turns and winding roads.

We will work our way through the jaw dropping scenery towards Bolzano and your evening accommodation where you will be able to enjoy an evening meal whilst overlooking the stunning Alps.

With the best part of the day lasting an amazing 5hrs, you may well be sad as you will not want it to end.


Trip Day 6 - Friday - Bolzano to Stuttgart

Timmeljoch Pass

Riding approximately 7hrs 15minutes covering 298 miles through the Alps including the magnificent Timmelsjoch Pass and the famous castle modelled by Walt Disney.

Upon leaving our accomodation, we will travel 40minutes to the Timmelsjoch pass (Passo del Rombo in Italian) which curves along the Austrian and Italian border and is one of the highest scenic drives of Europe.

On this road, thrill seekers can indulge themselves in narrow stretches and steep climbs with the backdrop of spectacular mountain panoramas.

Infinite twists and turns connect the Passeiertal valley and the Ötztal valley and the road includes the highest border crossing of Austria, this aspect takes 1hr 10minutes of high octain riding.

We will make a pit stop at the Timmelsjoch vantage-point to enjoy an extraordinary 180 degree view of the dramatic mountainscape. (There is a Toll on this road approx £13)


We continue for another 2hrs 15minutes of fantatsic scenery and great roads, and just as we are leaving the Alps this adventure has one last surprise, the majestic Neuschwanstein Castle.

Neuschwanstein’s positioning is also a fairytale one. It is located in the Alps in Bavaria, Germany, in a magnificent landscape, on the top of a hill.

Neuschwanstein overlooks the Hohenschwangau valley. The castle, has extremely beautiful landscape that surrounds it and make this a majestical place.

This fairytale look of the Neuschwanstein castle inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom.

Today, Neuschwanstein is the most visited castle in Germany, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

After taking in the stunning scenery, we then ride for 3hrs heading towards Stuttgart and our evening accommodation.

Road closures can be frequent due to the conditions of the weather so an alternative route may need to be completed for safety reasons.

Saturday 8th July - Check out of hotel and head to Rotterdam for the Evening Ferry to Hull

Sunday 9th July - Debark from ferry at Hull ferry port and head for home

Main Rider Hotel/Ferry Cost £1050
Pillion extra £200, Second Bike extra £550

(Prices correct at time of display, but are subject to potential change)

Hotels being booked in April 2022 so deposit needs paying by then

Deposit required

Main Rider £200, Pillion £200, Second Bike £200

Further payment of £300 main rider (if applicable - £300 second bike) to be paid by 1st April 2023, to cover ferry costs,

Remaining balance to be paid by 1st June 2023. (Deposit is non-refundable)

Terms and Conditions of your Road Trip

Whats included in your road trip

Return Ferry crossing from Hull to Rotterdam including inside cabin
7 Nights accommodation in 3* standard or above with private bathroom
Breakfast every day (Continental Style)
Visit to a supermarket every morning
Petrol stops within 130 miles whilst on route
Fantastic roads through stunning scenery
Full days riding
Hotel parking charge
Price includes double room (Pillion passenger or second bike to share room)

Whats additional for you to pay on this road trip

All meals or drinks unless stipulated above
In the event of an accident etc, Any additional hotel accommodation/meals
Any hotel extra charges outside of the basic room rate (mini bar etc)
Any Toll Charges
Breakdown issues or bike related fines
Personal spending
Any stops to museams or exhibitions (entry at own expense)
Any Tips

Please ensure your are in a fit state to ride on each day of the road trip, we will always try where possible to ride with a staggered formation to ensure the group remains relatively close together, where road and traffic conditions allow, please ensure you leave a 2 second gap between you and the bike directly in front, not the one to the side of you.
Please ensure your bike has been serviced prior to the road trip, and all riders have adequate health insurance and breakdown cover in the event of an accident.
Should a bike breakdown, unfortunately the road trip will need to continue as per the schedule/Itinery, once we know you have contacted your breakdown service.

I will be traveling from Wakefield to Hull on the Friday to catch the overnight ferry to Rotterdam, check-in 7pm.

If you would like to travel with me, to hull, please meet at Ferrybridge services, ETA to be confirmed, or alternatively meet at Hull ferry terminal, and ensure you have a full tank of petrol prior to embarking on the ferry, this can be obtained at Triangle Marfleet Petrol Station , 1019/1021 Hedon Rd, City Of Kingston-Upon-Hull HU9 5QL (just passed the ferry terminal turning).

On the return home I will be traveling from Stuttgart to Rotterdam to catch the Saturday overnight ferry, check-in 7pm, then travelling back to Wakefield.

We will ride in a staggered formation where road and traffic conditions allow, please ensure you leave a 2 second gap between you and the bike directly in front, not the one to the side of you. If we have been slpit for any reason, we should all stop and make contact via phone call or whatsapp..

Please bare in mind, added highway pegs, and exhaust modifications are illegal in Germany, and will incur a fine.

Please note I will not be held liable for any issues outside of my control or for any incidents which may happen due to your own negligence, I am mearly facilitating a road trip, which you are joining willingly as a friend.

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