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The Body Mechanic

Do you have a musculo-skeletal problem and no one seems able to help

Here at Absolute Fitness we endeavor to look after your physical well-being, as worked muscles naturally contract and can remain shorter, these will manifest into tight area's that effect performance and general health. A tight area in one area of the body, can have a massive impact somewhere else in the body. Whether you have a sadate lifestyle or a busy active one, this tightness will take an effect on you and needs removing to prevent future musculo-skeletal problems. People do not truely understand how the activities of daily living can have a profound effect on your body. Top athletes do however, and regularly take measures to prevent these potential injuries and improve many area's of our well-being.
So at Absolute Fitness we aim to remove these issues and keep you injury/pain free.

Your body needs to be serviced just like your car or motorbike, it is the most important engine you own.

We also build the body to be able to handle the demands of every day life through our specifically designed programmes.
Improvements to your health status and fitness levels will develop through our personal training in our ownl gym. We'll help you motivate yourself through structured programmes tailored to your personal needs to improve your goal, your posture, flexability, muscle tone/definition, strength, weight loss and general all round health. We'll help you discover the real you just waiting to get out.

It's never too late to change your habits, and by establishing a healthy lifestyle now, you'll continue to reap the rewards in the future. There are many reasons why we can find it hard to start exercising. but there are far more positive reasons for starting and getting fitter, including meeting new people, discovering new interests and generally feeling better in yourself and improving your overall health.

Absolute Fitness facilities are based in Normanton.

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